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Post by Mahou Okami on Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:50 pm

colinator27: Broke thread rule: Don't PM the Boss
zleepokemon: Friend was banned, so they quit.
thepowaofhax: Spammed Elite/refused to obey rules
KentaUzumaki: Unable to follow rules/Harressing Elite
hdcan: Refusal to follow rules: Warned multiple times
mijumaru26: Broke rules
beckbeck: Broke rules: Posted in thread without permission
diddley2001: Spam/harrassing members
lanceervin: Left
tegaen: Left
Flygon56: Incorrectly filling out form
Artem: Broke rules
Dragon-Ziyan: Broke rules
Fusion Kirby: Spam
Bahumat: Broke Rules
Shonen Jump: Broke rules
cleffalover1: Cheated threw give-away. Broke PF rules
Super Shade: Broke rules
inventorboy5: Spam
TR BOSS: Spammed Elite/didnt follow rules

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