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Post by Mahou Okami on Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:43 pm

1. Follow all rules.

2. Keep spam to a minimum. Actual conversations are awesome!

3. Spam includes one word posts, random links to things irrelevant to pokemon and inappropriate topics

4. Be nice :3

5. Please don't make Giovanni mad! D8

6. Inactivity will result in a ban that can be taken away.

7. ALL Grunts must use the Girl/Boy Team Rocket Postback located at Gusteon's while using this forum.

8. Keep checking back at this post for UPDATES!!!!!

9. NO ONE IS "Ninja'd" BY ANYONE! Ninjas are < pirates! Since no one is giving pirates their due there is no more "NINJA" ANYTHING! (strictly enforced by Hanabikun)

Questions and/or Concerns: Seek an Elite Officer for help!

Rule given by out by Mahou himself:
Do NOT PM me(Mahou) if you are looking to join. If you fail to abide by this simple rule, you will be removed. It's simple to follow. As much as I enjoy gettin new members I'm gettin a little tired of none of em followin the rules... if ya post before PMin the form ta an Elite ya don't get in...

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