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Post by Glenn96 on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:10 pm

Okay i had the need to try and get the clan re-approved and i was succesful. i am now the new leader of TR and while our friend Elite K is the Co-Leader of the clan. And our new name is The Legacy Of Team Rocket. Me and Elite K are cracking down on Spam really hard. So then our new clan doesn't become a Spam Planet and then get deleted again. Please leave the spam behind here in the Spam Secetion and don't bring it with you to PF. I am going to get together with Elite K and talk about maybe Promoting someone to an Elite. To help out with the clan. Since Hanabi decided to go into retirement i want to respect her privacy and her wishes so i will talk with Elite K about promoting someone to an Elite. I will keep you all posted.

Edit: Okay be looking for a PM in your Private Messages it contains the link to the new clan and also if you did not recieve a PM from me then please PM telling me that you did not recieve a PM.
Thanks Again,
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